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Premium Quality UK TV - Anywhere in the world

Host My UK TV is a high quality, UK TV hosting service, provided by the Esix Group.

It provides Internet hosting for a dedicated UK free to air TV receiver, housed in our UK data centres. The receiver can be accessed remotely, on any device using a standard web browser. This allows you to take your TV with you, wherever you travel, anywhere in the world.

Now you can watch TV in your holiday home, your hotel room, in the pub, even on the beach

We have produced a short demonstration video, showing how to use the digital receivers we provide for our hosting customers. Click on the link below to watch the video.

Watch the demonstration video

(Requires either Safari or Google Chrome browser)

Host my UK TV from – Watch Live UK TV anywhere in the world

Host My UK TV - Hosting Service Overview

The service is designed people who travel regularly, or who have holiday homes, and need a portable, fast and reliable UK TV solution.

If you, like many of our clients who requested this service, travel regularly; this is the service for you.

The Host My UK TV service enables UK residents to host a dedicated digital free to air TV receiver in our hosting centres, which takes advantage of our high speed multi gigabit links, and allows remote access to your receiver from anywhere there is an Internet connection. This provides a reliable, high quality connection, rather than installing a digital receiver on a slow and unreliable home broadband.

Like our other hosting services, we provide everything you need to get up and running quickly.  The digital receivers we provide, receive all free to air UK terrestrial channels. You can also record programmes, either by using the built in Electronic Programme Guide, or by pressing the record button, so you will never miss a programme again.

You connect to your dedicated digital TV receiver using any web-enabled device using a standard web browser. If there is no WIFI available, you can also connect to your receiver using 3G, so you can now have UK TV, wherever you travel, anywhere in the world.

Because your hosted receiver is housed in the UK, there is no need for a satellite dish, VPN, or set top box. You simply connect to your receiver with a web browser, using a PC, Mac, Tablet or smartphone.

Unlike IPTV companies, we simply provide a dedicated hosting environment for UK terrestrial TV receivers. We do not charge you to watch UK TV, rebroadcast, or sell advertising on this service.

This service is designed for regular travellers in the UK and abroad, and has a minimum hosting term of one year.

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We do Hosted TV not IPTV

What is the difference between a hosted TV service and IPTV?

  Hosted TV IPTV
Watch on Home TV Hosted UK TV Hosted UK TV
Watch on PC Hosted UK TV IPTV
Watch on Apple Mac Hosted UK TV IPTV
Watch on iPad / Android Tablet Hosted UK TV IPTV
Watch on Smartphones Hosted UK TV IPTV
Watch TV anywhere in your home Hosted UK TV IPTV
Watch TV when you are out and about Hosted UK TV IPTV
Adjustable download speed for slower connections and over 3G mobile services Hosted UK TV IPTV
Replace receiver if faulty Hosted UK TV IPTV

Breaking News

Soutern Spain and Portugal lose access to BBC, ITV, Channel 4 and Channel 5 TV channels via satellite, as UK TV moves to Astra 2E.


Become a Channel Partner

Reseller Information

If you provide satellite installation services, or are just looking for new sales opportunities, reselling our Host My UK TV services makes an ideal partnership.

Reselling our Host My UK TV service allows you to provide your customers with a quality, all in one UK TV solution, and also provides you with a monthly recurring revenue stream.

Most importantly for our resellers, there is no investment required. You simply apply for a reseller account. Once approved, you can start reselling the service immediately.

Our channel partners are very important to us, and we work closely with them to provide a high quality service for their customers. As a channel partner, you receive priority ordering, and support for the Host My UK TV services.

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You just need an Android based TV dongle or Android set top box. These can be bought online, or in many good electrical retailers for less than 80 pounds sterling.

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In tests, it took our engineers less than two minutes to set up.

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Dedicated Digital Receiver Features at a Glance:

  • No set top boxes required
  • No software or apps to install
  • No satellite dish required
  • No VPN or Proxy required
  • Easy connection via a web browser
  • Dedicated DTV receiver hosted in our UK data centres
  • Built in Electronic Programme Guide
  • Record your favorite TV programmes and watch them later
  • Play back online, or download to your device
  • Take your TV wherever you go - worldwide


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Esix Group Hosting Centre Features at a Glance:

  • Fast, reliable connectivity to the Internet
  • Multi Gigabit fibre connections
  • UPS and generator power backup
  • Monitored 24 x 7

Acceptable Use Policy

We take our obligations very seriously. We DO NOT provide any kind of IPTV rebroadcasting service. We specifically only provide a hosting service for a dedicated web enabled digital TV receiver. This allows frequent travellers and holiday home owners to access their receiver on any web enabled device, wherever they travel.

This service is for private use only. Access to your receiver may not be shared, rebroadcast, traded or otherwise transferred, without our express permission.

Any violation of our Acceptable use Policy, or the spirt thereof, may result in immediate disconnection from this service.


Apple Mac Supported Microsoft OS Supported Linux Supported FreeBSD SupportedAndroid

In order to comply with UK broadcasting regulations, to watch live UK TV, subscribers to the service should hold a valid UK TV licence.

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